Weekends (or: HomeGoods-Induced Design Anxiety)

This past weekend, while Andy was getting his haircut, I stopped by HomeGoods for some biodegradable dog doo bags (is my Seattleite showing?). Which, my husband lovingly told me, the fact that I knew those existed at that store made me weird. Whatevs. One, we both already know I'm a weirdo and two? Duh, a good HomeGoods trip always requires going through each department, and of course I am not going to miss the pet department because dog treats are expensive and we have a group of neighborhood kids who knock on the door every day and ask to give Tank some treats. So we have been running low recently.

[A short side note: HomeGoods is relatively new in WA, with just 2 locations. We had been teased for a couple of years with commercials telling us to 'be HomeGoods happy', with no explanation as to how we might achieve this level of happiness, so needless to say, I was excited that my SoCal town had given me that opportunity. So for those who are still unfamiliar: think of an entire store the size of TJMaxx or Marshall's, for just the housewares section. And better products than you might typically find at those stores, because they send them all to HomeGoods (same group of companies).]

Anyway, I walk in and as usual they assault me with their new products that I didn't know I totally needed rightthissecond until, well, right that second. This time? Emerald green bed sheets. I wish I had thought to take a picture but I was too busy frantically searching for a twin size. You know, for the twin mattress we don't have yet to fit the brass head/footboard that we do have for the guest room in the house we aren't currently living in full time? That's normal, right?

Our $25 Craigslist special. It needs a good cleaning, but it's in good shape otherwise. When we were unloading it into our garage, Andy asked me how we were going to attach it to the frame, as there are hand-looking things where we normally see holes to attach a box spring frame. So yeah, there's that to figure out, also. I feel like I am this bed's proud parent, overlooking small quirks and thinking it is totally perfect. Something that isn't totally perfect? Our dirty garage walls. If you had seen how filthy the landlord left the house for us and how much subsequent scrubbing and near vomiting I did in the first two months, you wouldn't have repainted on their behalf, either.

So I discover that there are no pretty emerald green twin sheet sets. Serious bummer. In attempting to forget about that gorgeous emerald color that has suddenly taken over my brain, I find myself in the food section to pick up the essentials - three jars of stuffed olives and a bottle of vermouth generic brand olive juice cocktail mixer. Because why not make a martini or two when we get home, to drown the sorrow of not finding a set of sheets that I suddenly have convinced myself that we need? I mean, not urgently need, but eventually. And in my flustered state, I left without looking for new cutting boards, so I had to make a trip back later that evening. If you were wondering whether I double-checked for a twin set during that second trip, the answer is obviously yes.

One of these days, I will purchase photoshop so I can mood board the heck out of the ever-evolving plans for our house and people who aren't inside my head (ahem, everybody) will be able to see what I am talking about. Until then, I guess just try to trust me when I say that green would look awesome with that brass.

So now, several days later, I can't stop thinking about them and I can't find anything close anywhere else so my anxiety is telling me I won't be able to find them when it is actually time to start dressing that room. Design problems.

Really though, (affordable) textile people, Emerald was named Pantone's Color of the Year for 2013. I feel like you are all missing out on the opportunity to jump on that bandwagon to cater to design trend slaves.
See? Emerald MADNESS. It was actually even more emerald-y the other day. (screenshot: Pantone home page)

Yes, Pantone + JCP has a line of bed & bath products (check it out here), but their emerald bedding doesn't even come close to the ones I found. Less saturated, with just a strip of the color at the top...but, they are meant to go with the very emerald duvet cover set and super bold emerald-on-emerald would end up looking nuts. Just as too much white (in the sheets below) with our white duvet cover would be super boring. (Yes, we already have a comforter - but we use it with our futon guest bed down here, so I am not completely a hoarder.)
Not the same. I want these emerald sheets to own the fact that they are the color of the year. Not just give me a glimpse of it. I feel like you could have made JCP do a little better, Pantone. (photo: source)

Luckily, these next two weekends will be so amazing that I will forget all about silly design probs. Thursday (holy cow, as in tomorrow - what day is it again?), one of my best friends comes to visit for a few days, so a little SoCal exploration + adventure will ensue. This chick is a really good time. I can't wait - my soul needs this.

The two of us at a Sounders game last summer.

She heads back home Monday, and the next day Andy and I will travel up to Coeur d'Alene to visit one of his best friends. I am picturing a lot of lake and cocktail time, some sunshine...oh and fireworks, obv. Observed from a safe distance, however, as they scare the heck out of me. Traumatizing childhood experience that my mind has completely blown out of proportion, naturally. It should be pretty great. You, know, as long as I keep a safe distance from explosives.

What's that you say, Anxiety? My summer quarter online classes also started this week? And I'm somehow already behind? Why must you always rain on my parade?

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