I'm baaaack

Holy blog hiatus. I may have been a tad ambitious in my idea to start a blog and school at the same time. And then, after a school break, I couldn't find myself wanting to write. I was creatively exhausted. Once I got over that exhaustion & ideas for posts started coming to me, I'd visit my blog and get annoyed with it. The look just didn't fit right with what I wanted to portray. And, as with any space, virtual or physical, I believe it must reflect you and make you happy or else you won't be productive or even want to spend time there. So I finally shelled out $15 for an awesome new design that I'm obsessed with and that I think reflects my design aesthetic. I even changed up the title a bit, just to try it out and see how it sticks.

So now that I feel like I can breathe again in my little online space, I hope to spend a lot more time here - and I hope other people do too! I have a couple of draft posts that I hope to publish in the coming weeks about the last few semesters of school, just waiting to be edited and photos added. Oooor, I get busy and end up neglecting my poor blog for another year or so. Guess we will find out...

And since I think posts are lame without pictures, here are a few for you to look at. Mostly of my dog, probably. I haven't pre-picked them or anything, so we will both be surprised with what ends up here:

Oh, here's a good one. One of my projects for lighting class. Which I thought would kill me but actually ended up inspiring me later on. One of the many post ideas I have.

Holly Becker repinned one of my pins once. I had to capture the moment. Sure, she was repinning my pin about her book, not about some cool rug I liked or whatever, but still. She acknowledged me. Virtually. It's like we were meant to be best design friends.

My dog, the most vicious pit bull in all the land. I only take selfies when I am capturing a good cuddle sesh with Tank.

I think that'll do. I'd like to say I will be back soon but I don't want to make promises before I really know what I am doing. So, I guess, until next time, whenever that may be?

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