Balance (Or: Hey! I Finally Have Some Free Time This Quarter)

The way my mind works is funny sometimes...not so much "LOL" funny (although let's be honest, I'm hilarious...) but funny in that it gets so caught up on big tasks in front of me that I lose track of everything else. Last quarter was mostly just fighting my way through art classes and a power tools class. I'll pause while you visualize my 5'0" night owl self getting up for an 8:30am class, to work with table saws and drill presses twice a week. Some people were scared for my safety. One of my friends said "make sure you have your coffee! I wouldn't trust myself." Another person said "they let you do that?!" Yeah, and I have all of my fingers intact, so, win for me.

Anyway, since I was so preoccupied with trying not to cut a limb off or have a mental breakdown at the thought of having to draw a self-portrait with charcoal while looking in the mirror, the house and it's organization/unpacking sort of fell by the wayside. But now I have a little more life balance. And for me, balance equals creative energy. Somehow, magically, in those three months I gained a little clarity on the aesthetic of our house - curbing that design ADD without really even thinking about if. And now I can't stop wanting to decorate. Which gives me great blog content. I definitely want to talk about my school experience, since that is what inspired this in the first place...but school stuff doesn't normally come with pretty pictures of new sofas scored (ahem, free) on Craigslist.

(Via Instagram - @alissasuejohnson)

Yep, that is her - right now she is SO DIRTY. The filter doesn't even show a fraction of the 5 years of dust and crud on her. Right now, she is confined to our garage. But just like Norma Jean, or those 90s makeover movies, give her a tan and a glamorous dress, maybe a new hairdo, and she will look like a million bucks. Now that I am thinking about it, maybe Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman is the right pop culture analogy here...

So stay tuned for some design process and school progress information - if I don't get too engulfed in this home design stuff...
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