Virtual Shopping: H&M Home in the U.S.A.

The blog post was finished. I was all dramatic about how I needed these products in my life, and lamenting - while my bank account sighed in relief - that they were not yet available to us here in the States. So I visit the web site to grab pictures to make a little mood board, and what do I find? H&M Home products available in the U.S.

Be careful what you wish for...

Apparently I have been under an online-school sized rock (seriously, online classes are so much more time consuming than regular on-campus ones), because I missed the announcement. And lots of things are already sold out.

These products are super budget-friendly, even for a design student like me. Which means they're dangerous. And that I now have some prioritizing to do: Need, Really Love, Love, Like, Can Wait. Because right now, it seems, I am into everything. Especially cheap & stylish. If I didn't prioritize, I would end up on Hoarders. (Sidenote: My wonderful mother unknowingly taught me this Need thing. I'd see something I wanted while shopping and she would tell me, "You don't need it." So I'd have to put it back. While shopping for herself, she'd ask, "I love it, but do I need it?" So now when I am shopping and see something I have to have, I exclaim to whoever is with me, "Oooh, I think I need these!")

Anyway, back to the H&M Home line. While I haven't seen anything in person yet, it looks pretty good from the photos - I think they did a perfect job of styling their products in the catalog looks (they broke it down into Basics, Modern Minimalism, Bohemian VintagePlayful Retro and Kids). They sell you the lifestyle. For example, while browsing their photos, I found myself wanting everything in those pictures - an oversized neon letter or funky piece of furniture - which they obviously don't sell. What they do sell, though, covered a lot of my bases; that is, things I am almost always drawn to:

Before you proceed: please excuse my mood-board making skills. These were made in Power Point. I am in desperate need of Photoshop but haven't pulled the trigger on a purchase just yet.

1. Candle, $5.95 | 2. Blanket, $34.95 | 3. Pillow (cover only), $17.95 | 4. Apron, $9.95 | 5. Candle Holder, $6.95 | 6. 2-Pack of (Over-dramatic, IMO) Storage Baskets, $14.95 | 7. Soap Dispenser, $7.95 and Soap Dish,$6.95

I'm not an apron person but I would totally wear that one while attempting DIY projects. I am a very messy, clumsy creator, and I feel like "Bless this mess or do it yourself" is a good message to those around me while I am in the process. And those NYC Transit bath accessories? I need them. I have had an obsession with New York since I was like 8 years old. I will visit one day...but I am afraid I will never want to leave.

1. Faux Leather Pillow (cover only), $24.95 | 2. Blanket, $79.95 | 3. Purple Floral Pillow (cover only), $14.95 | 4. 2-Pack Guest Towels, $9.95 | 5. Mug, $5.95 | 6. Yellow Floral Pillow (cover only), $12.95 | 7. Fuchsia Pillow (cover only), $12.95 | 8. Round Velvet Pillow, $19.95 | 9. Ceramic Jar, $12.95 | 10. (King/Queen) Linen Duvet Cover Set, $79.95

They pretty much have all of the floral-style bases covered: bright & pop-y, modern & minimal, soft & feminine, black & white. And all the texture. This was a good move. They do a better job of depicting all of their varying textures on their basics page, but I thought I would include some of my favorites. See how dynamic a neutral tone-on-tone look can be, simply by varying the textures of your pieces? Totally not flat and boring. The round velvet pillow is my favorite...for today.

1. Horse Pillow (cover only), $9.95 | 2. Faux Fur Blanket, $69.95 | 3. Gemstone Pillow (cover only), $24.95 and Glossy Pillow (cover only), $5.95 | 4. Gold Foil Script & Linen Pillow, $17.95 | 5. Various Blingy Candle Holders, price varies | 6. Jacquard Pillow (cover only), $24.95 | 7. Copper Glittery Pillow (cover only), $12.95 | 8. Zebra Print Pillow, $9.95 | 9. Bunny Candle Holder, $6.95 | 10. 2-Pack Guest Towels, $9.95 | 11. Bird Pillow, $9.95

I would have passed over that bird pillow until I saw it styled here. Now I want it in my own dining room. See what I mean about their styling? Amazing. Also, I have two faux fur blankets already, but I think this one needs to be ours too. (Anyone else read YHL? I feel like I would hoard black ceramic animals instead of white, like they do. I guess I just prefer black accessories? Why do I feel racist against white ceramic animals while I type this?)

So much good stuff. This doesn't even do it justice. Now I just need to figure out how to close my wallet and instead trick people into paying me be the one others hire to make their spaces look amazing. In the meantime, there's a killer pair of floral curtains that I need to get for the office.

What are your favorites? Anyone else excited that H&M is offering home stuff because they love the brand's styling but none of their clothes ever seem to fit right? Just me & my shortness? I like to say that home goods and shoes always fit...

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