Numero Uno

So...I came up with the idea for this almost 6 months ago.  I've always enjoyed writing and was feeling inspired after discovering a new passion.  But then I started school full-time in a new place.  And I guess it made me overwhelmed and a little unsure of myself - I know I would love this career path, but what if I was just no good at it?  That self-doubt, coupled with the fact that I hadn't gone to school in about 5 years sort of scared me into putting this whole blog thing on hold.

After coming out of my first semester unscathed, my confidence is slowly building and I realize that blogging will actually help to prepare me for my future career.  Writing in such a public forum was always scary to me because I would be putting my thoughts out there for people to judge and I wasn't sure I would ever really be up for that (I'm a huge perfectionist and won't commit to something unless I know I can do well).  But this is something that I will need to get used to pretty quickly.  I can't feel offended if someone doesn't like or "get" my design point-of-view or my personal taste - this is something interior designers encounter on a regular basis.  It would also be nice to have a place that I could share things I am obsessed with, since I'm pretty sure my husband doesn't really care about the new amazing side table/shower head/mirror/living room design I just found.  He humors me though.

I also thought my blog could serve as a sort of "what to expect" for those considering going into the design field.  Lots of people have been curious as to what exactly my schooling entails and what the advantages were of getting a degree vs. jumping right into the field.  I have to admit that I wasn't really sure what to expect at first...and it would have been nice to get a first-hard account from someone who had already done it.

So that's what this will be - a mix of pretty things I find online that I love, my experiences in design school, probably a lot of adventures in decorating our own home(s) and experiences living in a new place/in two places (it's complicated).  Oh, and hopefully getting over my fear of not being perfect.  Wish me luck with that one...

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